At Kee’s we use the freshest ingredients
from around the world, including yuzu from Japan, sea salt from France, and saffron from Spain. And we're constantly searching for new flavors with which to infuse our chocolates to bring you delicious combinations.

White chocolate truffles coated with toasted almonds

Dark chocolate ganache with balsamic vinegar
and pecans

Black Rose
Dark chocolate truffle with black tea infused with rose petals

Black Sesame
Dark chocolate truffles coated with toasted white and dark sesame

Blended Pepper
Four different peppercorns with dark chocolate ganache

Blood Orange
Dark chocolate truffles with fresh blood orange infused with cream
and grand marnier

Mocha and espresso with whipped cream fillings in milk or dark chocolate

Dark chocolate ganache combined with champagne

Cherry Cordial
Chocolate covered cherries, with the slightest hint of liquor

Dark chocolate truffles coated with shredded toasted coconut

White chocolate truffles with cognac

Crème brûlée
Dark chocolate bonbon filled with creme brulée Note: Should be consumed within two days.

Crystalized Almond
Crystallized almonds combined with dark chocolate ganache

Earl Grey
Dark chocolate truffles with earl grey tea leaves infused with cream

Dark chocolate ganache with fennel

Dark chocolate ganache with elderflower

Dark chocolate with ginger spice

Green Tea
White chocolate truffles rolled in green tea powder

Hazelnut Praline
A hazelnut and praline filling, in both milk and dark chocolate

Honey Kumquat
Dark chocolate ganache with candied kumquats

Honey Saffron
Dark chocolate saffron with a taste of honey

Dark chocolate truffles with jasmine tea leaves infused with cream

Kaffir Lime
Fresh Thai lime infused with dark chocolate

Milk/dark chocolate ganache filled with fresh-squeezed keylime

Dark chocolate ganache with lavender

Lemon Basil
Dark and white chocolate combined with fresh lemon and basil

Lemongrass Mint
A layer of dark chocolate lemongrass ganache with a touch of mint

Mango Green Tea
Dark and white chocolate truffles

Southeast Asian Fruit mixed with dark chocolate ganache

Mint Mocha
Dark chocolate ganache infused with fresh mint topped with whipped cream

Mirabelle Plum
Dark chocolate truffle infused with southern French plums and a hint of sea salt

Aerated cream with milk or dark chocolate, light and smooth

Orange Confit
Dark chocolate ganache filled with orange zest

Passion Fruit
Bonbon chocolate filled with dark chocolate ganache

Pineapple Lychee
Dark chocolate truffle with pineapple and lychee

Dark chocolate truffle enrobed with toasted pine nuts

White chocolate truffles coated wtih pistachios

Dark chocolate with fresh raspberry purèe

Smoked Salt
Dark chocolate ganache with smoked salt

Thai Chili
Dark chocolate ganache with infused chili

Whipped cream over milk/dark chocolate, smothered with a milk/dark coating

Dark chocolate truffle coated with cocoa powder

Three delectable layers of pecans, caramel, with milk or dark chocolate

White chocolate ganache with fresh yuzu